Manaram Aras Agro-Industry Co.   
the Greatest Integrated Greenhouse Complex
in Middle East

with an area of

Manaram Aras Agro-Industry Co.

affiliated with Pars Sakhtar Industrial Group was established in 2019. Having accomplished precise and macro planning, the construction of a modern hydroponic cultivation greenhouse was launched in an area of 85 hectares in Aras free zone which is considered as one of the greatest integrated greenhouse complexes in Middle East.

Jolfa, 2020
Land leveling
Jolfa, 2020
Land leveling

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Pars Sakhtar, the executor of EPC projects

Operator of the greatest glass greenhouse in the Middle East with hydroponic method in a land of 85 hectares and a greenhouse area of 66 hectares

    Construction ofmoderngreenhouses of Venlo design with hydroponic cultivation method

    The construction of the greatest hydroponic greenhouse in the Middle East by Pars Sakhtar Company


    Hydroponic glass greenhouse construction operation of Manaram Aras Agro-Industry Co.

    10%Civil works
    35%Installation of equipment and Steel Structure
    10%Supply of parts
    20%Launch and control
    25%Installation of electrical and mechanical equipment
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