Pars Sakhtar Co.

Pars Sakhtar company, affiliated with Pars Sakhtar Industrial Group, has been presented in electric power industry for about four decades. Being known as the sole EPC contractor in Northwest of Iran, the company has recorded plenty of prosperous projects namely; A to Z implementation of engineering and execution of requisite fabrication, structure, installation and equipment for modern plastic and galss greenhouses, machinery design and procurement, partnership in industrial and mineral projects, manufacturing and installation of spun concrete monopoles as well as electric power transmission and distribution steel towers, construction of high-voltage substation, renovation and erection of power plants, construction and equipping iron and steel manufacturing plants, heavy steel structures applicable in various industries, production halls with asymmetric high span and special cladding, hydromechanical equipment of factories, overhead cranes up to 150 tons, industrial equipment, machinery and installations, management and implementation of contracting procedure regarding industrial and manufacturing equipment and installations.

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