About Us

Manaram Aras Agro-Industry Co., affiliated with Pars Sakhtar Industrial Group was established in 2019. Having accomplished precise and macro planning, the construction of a modern hydroponic cultivation greenhouse was launched in an area of 85 hectares in Aras free zone which is considered as one of the greatest integrated greenhouse complexes in Middle East.

The cultivation sabstracture of the greenhouse is 66 hectares that will be erected in Venlo glass design. The project would be implemented by taking advantage of Pars Sakhtar Co.’s eminent managers, research and development department, technical and proficient teams and by benefiting from world-class technologies and consultations.

With the aim of localising innovative greenhouse industry and assuming the climatic and situational conditions, modeling the standard maps, taking all the European metal structure standards as well as Iranian agricultural engineering organisation’s criteria into account, Manaram Aras Agro-Industry Co. ventures to design and construct multi-span glass greenhouse structures.

The projects bring about employment opportunities for 1000 people directly. 5000 other employees will also benefit from indirect employment so that Pars Sakhtar Industrial Group will take another step forward in achieving its cultural and social responsibility goals.

Manaram Aras Agro-Industry Co.’s Mission

Development of greenhouse projects play a leading role in quantitative and qualitative proliferation of agricultural products, land efficiency as well as factors of production enhancement, food supply, employment rate and monetary income of a country. So our mission is:

– Production growth per surface unit

– Products’ quality enhancement by utilisation of least possible toxin

– Water consumption efficiency

– Qualified marketing and adjustment of crop cultivation correspondent with market demand, market maintenance via consistent production

– Consistent production during all the seasons due to possibility of controlling environmental factors and adjusting requisite conditions for plant growth

– Creation of sustainable employment and appropriate job opportunities for agricultural engineering

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